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Choosing a PC Case

If you're on a budget, you can save some money by purchasing a midrange PC case. These cases typically cost $50-150. They have improved over the past few years and come in a variety of designs and construction styles. Choose one that will fit all of your hardware and have extra features. These cases are more likely to include extra features than the cheaper ones.

white pc case
The White PC case from Lian Li is a great option for fully kitted-out builds. This case features a high airflow design, tempered glass side panels, and a hinged design with two SSD trays on the inside. In addition, it comes with RGB lighting for enhanced aesthetics. Its full length front panel also features a large power button in the center. Lastly, the case is equipped with grommeted plastic for cable management.

A PC case plays a crucial role when you are building a PC. It not only adds functionality to your PC but can also increase cooling performance. Traditionally, black PC cases dominated the market, but in recent years, white PC cases have risen in popularity. White cases are minimalist and complement the RGB color scheme.

Amongst the various brands of white PC cases, ASUS' TUF stands out for its high quality and innovation. The TUF is also one of the most affordable cases available in the market today. ASUS is a high-end brand that doesn't produce many PC cases, but this one is considered to be one of the best white PC cases.

This PC case is also compatible with a wide range of graphics cards. It has room for up to 190mm graphics cards and a 360mm radiator in the front. It also has ample space for five SSDs. The front panel also has direct controls for the built-in fans and RGB display.

best pc cases
The best PC cases are not just made to hold your computer, but they should also provide good ventilation. Whether you need ventilation for the CPU or graphics card, there are many great options. The Asus ROG Strix X99 case is perfect for gamers as it features a 6.3-inch high height for the CPU cooler, as well as four 4.7-inch front fans, and two additional 4.7-inch fans on top. Asus also provides plenty of space for the PSU and offers a dust filter underneath it.

The Define R5 is ideal for gamers with e-ATX motherboards, as well as for those with plenty of cables to connect. Corsair is another popular brand in the PC gaming community, and their 750D case excels when it comes to hard-drive storage space. It also comes with two 120mm fans, and features a brushed aluminum front panel.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly PC case, you may want to consider the Phanteks Eclipse P360A. Its color contrast is impressive, and it features a mesh panel for cable management. This case also comes with RGB lighting, which is perfect for enhancing your gaming experience.

For those looking to cut down on the size of their PC, there are also micro ATX cases. These smaller cases do come with compromises, but are worth it if you want to keep the PSU inside and get maximum airflow. The Lian Li Lancool 205M is one of the best micro ATX cases and is available in both black and white. It also comes with an elegant steel frame and large glass side panels for better airflow.

best computer cases
If you are looking for a case to hold your PC, there are several different options that are worth considering. Many of these models are compact, but they still have a lot of features. The NZXT Define R6 is a great example. This mini-ITX case is made to fit graphics cards and CPU coolers that are as tall as 155mm. It also has good cable management, a top panel that can be vented, and supports a liquid cooling setup.

This case is made by Thermaltake, who have designed it to fit custom water-cool builds. It has many features including hot-swap drives, four 2.5''/3.5'' drives, and six 2.5'' SSDs. It has plenty of room for cables and ports, and the modular design allows it to be easily removed and replaced.

Another high-quality, affordable case is the Phanteks Pro M. It combines affordability with upgrade potential, making it one of the best computer cases under $100. The SPEC-Omega mid-tower case is another good choice for a budget. This computer case comes with a slick design and requires no assembly tools.

Another case with a lot of features is the NZXT H710i. It weighs over 14 pounds and is very stylish. It also has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. It also has a handy headphone hook.

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