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A Powerful 16000 DPI Sensor

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Update time : 2021-06-26 21:17:00

Extremely Durable

Aluminium Structure

The aluminium serves as the skeletal structure of 700M EVO eSPORTS, Providing it with a unique combination of lightweight structure and metal durability that sets it apart from ordinary mice. It is formed from a single piece of aluminium and folded into the chassis that creates a lighter, more rigid and robust gaming mouse.
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Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Aug .12.2021
PowerLeap 700K is an iF design award mechanical keyboard. We have taken its components to another level, which is the upgrade 700K EVO. It keeps the superb quality Cherry MX mechanical keys with extra G-key. The exposed brushed aluminum frame shows dazzling RGB lighting effects. Moreover, 700K EVO provides you more convenient and speedier on-the-fly macro recording and mode switch without getting out of the game. This keyboard is designed to meet all MOBA and MMO gamers'needs.
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