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A Powerful 16000 DPI Sensor

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Update time : 2021-06-26 21:17:00

Extremely Durable

Aluminium Structure

The aluminium serves as the skeletal structure of 700M EVO eSPORTS, Providing it with a unique combination of lightweight structure and metal durability that sets it apart from ordinary mice. It is formed from a single piece of aluminium and folded into the chassis that creates a lighter, more rigid and robust gaming mouse.
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how to buy a perfect pc case? how to buy a perfect pc case?
Sep .21.2021
PC cases come in all shapes, sizes, and features—know which one is right for your needs.
Make sure you like the look of the PC case you’re buying! You’re going to be staring at it for years to come, so this is not a superficial consideration.
Powerleap specializes in pc case R & D and worked for many renowned brands, provides a lot of variance in both design and construction to meet our clients' different demands.
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